BEWARE!!! Caesar Is Here With Us.

A couple of friends passed by my home a few days ago, inviting me for a disco party in town. When I told them I was going for a church program, they laughed and quoted MATTHEW 22:21-… “RENDER TO CAESAR, WHAT BELONGS TO CAESAR, AND RENDER TO GOD WHAT BELONGS TO GOD.”

“My brother, you for do church small, then party too small. You be jonky kwraa too much”, which literally means: “If you do what is of the world, make sure you do what is of GOD as well.”IS THAT REALLY THE CASE???
This mentality is causing the fall of many Christians, since we fail to understand that the Bible also says that God will spit the lukewarm out of his mouth. As Christians, we have the Spirit of GOD living within us, and thereby have no excuse in misinterpreting scripture. It is highly unpardonable! The Holy Spirit within us serves as a teacher of the scripture. David acknowledged this fact and asked of the Spirit of God to open his eyes, so as to see wonderful things in his LAW! (PSALM 119:18)
At the time of CHRIST’S Birth, CAESAR had issued a call to the Roman world that everyone be counted and properly taxed. As he enjoyed luxurious accommodations in his Roman palace, he hoped to demonstrate his own greatness before a watching world by publicizing the great number of people under his domain. And yet, in an unnoticed corner of CAESAR’S kingdom, in a simple stable, sleeping in a feeding trough, the SON OF GOD had come to show the glory of his Father.
Fortunately and unfortunately, the CAESAR the bible is talking about is right here with us as Christians. CAESAR IS THE FLESH that we live in. So when the Bible tells us to render to CAESAR the things that are CAESAR’S, it means that as human beings we physically need things like food and water to sustain CAESAR (THE FLESH) at all times. In as much as we cater for CAESER though, the Bible also makes us aware that we should also give to God the things that are GOD’S. Activities such as PRAYER, FASTING and the study of THE WORD OF GOD are essential in the sustenance of the spirit man in us. These things connect us to God, and help in building a strong relationship with him. Our worship, obedience, steadfastness, love, temperance, self-control… also counts in the sacrifice we offer to GOD.
Don’t jump into conclusion though. CAESAR also needs to be catered for because, if CAESAR (the flesh) is weak, how can one fellowship properly with GOD?
As humans, the flesh tries to overcome the Spirit by certain desires. However, by our constant fellowship with God, we shall stand firm in the face of all these trials and temptations. It is very much expedient to know that, all of life, including all of CAESER’S (the Flesh) rights and power belong to GOD. It is then that you will be in the proper frame of mind to render to CAESAR what belongs to him. When you admit that all is GOD’S then anything you render to CAESAR, you will render for GOD’S sake.

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