There is a name above every other name.
That is the only name the Bible proudly boasts of, because the man with this name is the only one who shed His blood for us all on the cross.
He died a shameful death for man to be saved, yet we choose not to believe in His name.
That name is the first requirement to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We just have to believe in His death and resurrection.
He is the bright morning star, the root and the offspring of David. There is power and authority in His name.
This name does not need fame to be powerful because all power and authority has been given unto Him.
He brought grace unto man so that we would have longer days, to repent from our ways so that we can join the race.
Bible said that at the mention of that name every knee shall bow, of things in the earth and things under the earth.
At the mention of the name, every other name such as POVERTY, WEAKNESS, FAILURE & DEFEAT will immediately disappear.
With faith backing the mention of the name, great things are bound to happen.
Beloved, that name is JESUS. The name Jesus, can be used against the devil, sickness, disease, and all adversities of life.
Do not just mention the name, have FAITH.
Now to those who do not know JESUS, He is the Son of God, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, and above all, He died on the cross to save our souls from perishing.
Accept Him and give your life to Him before it is too late. He Loves You.
Share To Save Lives.
God Bless You.
– saminspiresblog

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