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The year has successfully come to an end today. One way or the other, God has been of tremendous help in your life. Don’t be deceived, you owe God nothing to be kept alive. A number of people lost their lives in accidents of all kinds. But you’re alive. 
Beloved, sAmInSpiReS wants you to take this moment to write a testimony unto God. Acknowledge Him for all that He has done for you. Be grateful. 
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Why Christians Leave The Faith

Some Christians, who in all cases had the outward marks of being true followers of Christ have decided to serve Jesus divorce papers to terminate their relationship with Him.

Due to a couple of reasons, they have abandoned the faith and converted to other religions. One of those reasons are the troubling and unanswered questions they have about the faith. More often, questions related to sexuality, alcoholism, science, suffering, and others come to doubt with little or no answers. They become convinced that Christianity does not offer truth to those who seek it and that makes the religion unrealistic and unreasonable to them. 

However, this problem can be solved if we honestly answer the questions of all who have these issues. Let’s show that Christianity offers a cohesive and compelling worldview that accounts for sexuality and other pressing issues. 

Another reason is that, they leave because their faith is not working for them and have allowed other things to take priority. One way or the other, those who leave their faith do so for the fact that their personal experience of Christianity has not matched up to their expectation. The experience that was modeled by pastors and even friends seem to be an exaggerated claim. For some, they may commit themselves to the success of their businesses and allow Christianity to take a back seat, or they pursue other more fulfilling activities other than their faith.

However we can solve this by expressing that we too, experience such moments of doubt. We need not oversell our faith, describing the Christian life as free from obstacles and difficulties. In addition to that, we can encourage believers and provide them with the platform to serve and be served, a place to belong. 

Obviously, my perspective of this topic may not be exhaustive. Probably you may have some suggestions that would help all readers. Kindly do so in the comment section and be a blessing to someone. 

Written By: Yaw Sam
Wishing You A Merry Christmas

I lean on the Holy Spirit- Billionaire Entrepreneur, David Green.

Billionaire David Green has closely followed Biblical principles over the years. In 1972, the founder and CEO of the arts and crafts chain, Hobby Lobby, started the business with just $600. 
From the company’s humble beginnings in an Oklahoma City living room, Green now oversees close to 20,000 employees and 457 stores in 39 states.


He was number 136 on Forbes’ list of the 400 richest Americans published late in 2010, with a net worth of just over $2.5 billion. 

Hobby’s Ministry

The journey to that amount was draining at times, involving battles with pride and debt. But a humble and grateful Green emerged from the trials, giving all the credit to God.


“God has just blown us off the map, and we know that we give God the glory,” Green told an audience at a luncheon in Tulsa, fighting back the tears.


Only a portion of the West Coast and New England are without the arts and crafts chain. However, Green said Hobby Lobby stores are on the way, with one expected to open in California in January, to be followed by stores in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.


“There are so many decisions that we have to make that we just can’t make without God, the Holy Spirit guiding us. And it has been very important for us, our family, to lean on the Holy Spirit,” Green shared with CBN News.


“For him, it was always a ministry,” said David’s son, Mart Green, who is also a highly successful businessman. 
“He couldn’t be a preacher, and Grandma wanted six preachers, and he wished he could have been a preacher, but that wasn’t his calling,” he explained. “So he had to go where his gifting was, and he just, he loved the retail business.”  

Real Giving


Green built his business on Biblical principles.


“We try to do as much as we can, especially as we have rid ourselves of any debt,” Green explained. “We’ve always tithed. That’s something that we always have been taught, but we’ve also been taught that that’s not giving. Giving is above what we owe God, and that is our tithes.”


More profits mean more funds to give away. Green and his family have given millions to Christian causes and education. Their generous donations have benefited Liberty University in Virginia, rescued Oral Roberts Universityin Oklahoma, and will enable C.S. Lewis College to open in Massachusetts. 
Green’s latest charitable endeavor involves purchasing Christian artifacts and ancient Bibles for a national Bible museum.  

Caring for Employees


However, the CEO hasn’t forgotten those who help keep Hobby Lobby stores running and the customers happy. In 2010, the company raised the minimum wage for full-time employees to $11 per hour — 52 percent above the federal minimum wage. 
Green said raising wages is a way to reward employees for the company’s success.


Another way that Green takes care of his employees is by limiting the number of hours that the store stays open in the evenings. Monday through Saturday, it’s only open until 8 p.m. Hobby Lobby is also closed on Sundays to allow time for family and worship.


“It kind of frightened us when we knew God was speaking to us about closing on Sunday, because it is per hour, the busiest day of the week. But we knew God wanted us to close,” Green said, adding that the move has not hurt the company’s bottom line.

Blessing in a Tough Economy


Green said there are no other companies the size of Hobby Lobby that are open only 66 hours a week. Yet, even in these tough economic times, the business is flourishing. He said same-store sales rose 6 percent in 2009, and the company’s overall revenue was up 10 percent.
“Our businesses have done really well, even in these hard times,” Green told CBN News. “Last year, we had a nice increase, even in our same stores. This year we’re above that.”    
“So I know God is in this,” he said. “And He is blessing us, and I think just as important as our giving is our hearts and that we do have clean hands and a pure heart in our work. And this is what God would require of us.”


Sharing the Gospel 

Green and his family are not just financial givers. They strive to help meet the spiritual needs of their employees as well. Three Hobby Lobby chaplains minister to workers.


Green said hundreds of employees have given their hearts to Jesus Christ, including more than a dozen managers this year alone.


“We prayed a prayer with them, and we did have 15 managers come to know Christ in the business place,” he shared.


Sharing the Gospel, Green says, is the driving force behind his quest for success in the marketplace. In fact, that’s how he wants to be remembered.


“I would like to know that we have brought as many people to know Christ as we possibly can,” Green said. “We hope to continue to just grow our company. As long as there’s someone on this earth that doesn’t know Jesus Christ, we have a job to do.”

Source: CBN news


Did you know there is a Christian dress code?

You’re probably wondering what I mean by a Christian dress code. Are we supposed to wear some uniform and all look alike? No, but there is a standard in God’s Word for how Christian women should dress, and if we are serious about being a devoted follower of Jesus Christ, we need to understand what that standard is.
We do have biblical guidelines that we need to understand as we determine what our dress code will be. Here is what we learn from the Bible about clothes and God’s principles concerning them;
God invented clothes. He clothed Adam and Eve after sin entered the Garden of Eden. At first Adam and Eve never had to wear clothes. Nakedness was not shameful and clothing was not necessary. But they immediately recognized the need for covering their bodies after sin entered the picture.  It was the first effect of sin–shame and a need to cover up their nakedness.
God’s dress code from the beginning has been to cover our nakedness. And God designed the clothing to cover the whole body, not just the private parts. Clothes were not for revealing the body’s shape or drawing attention to body parts; rather they were intended by God to take attention away from the body.
Here are two other passages that define what the Christian dress code should be:

_I also want women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God_. 1 Timothy 2:9-10
_Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight_. 1 Peter 3:3-4
The principles we find here are:

🔘We should dress modestly, with decency and propriety.

🔘We should not wear clothes or accessories for the purpose of trying to draw attention to ourselves or to show off

🔘Inner beauty is far more important than outer beauty and it should be far more highly desired that outward things we do to look good.
Let’s ask the question: What does it mean to dress modestly with decency and propriety? Though styles have changed from generation to generation, modesty never changes. Modesty may take different looks but it will always be modest, no matter what generation we are in or what the current fashion may be.

Modest dress will not say sex or pride or money. But it certainly can say good taste, attractive and pretty. A Christian woman should want to do the best she can with what God has given her. Our clothes don’t need to scream Christian, But they should quietly say modest and appropriate.

Modest clothes do not exploit a woman’s body or features. Modest clothes will not display body parts for the purpose of drawing attention to them. Not only does modesty require that certain body parts should be completely covered, but also that the shape of our bodies should not be unnecessarily and immodestly emphasized with tight fitting clothes. Women shouldn’t wear those low-cut dresses that reveal their cleavage or short skirts that reveal their shape. Anytime we rebel against these biblical principles, it is because we don’t want to obey God.

With all my heart I urge you to think about your own attitudes toward what you put on your body. Pray about it if you find yourself rebelling against God’s standard of modesty.
Every woman has a responsibility to a brother in Christ in the way she dress. _Make up your mind not to put any stumbling block in your brother’s way_. Romans 14:13

I sometimes feel afraid to ask a Christian woman to cover up herself up because am scared she’ll think am judging her in self righteousness. We are responsible for our thoughts and actions but God will hold you accountable when you knowingly dress immodestly for the purpose of looking ‘sexy’.
Do you want a man or a boy to be attracted to you simply because of sexual desire or lust? That’s what prostitutes do. Or do you want to attract a man because he sees something much more valuable in you than just outward beauty? What kind of man do you want to attract? The way you dress sends that message.

Former lesbian on why it’s ‘cruel’ for Church leaders to go soft on same-sex relationships

Robin Teresa Beck, 59, lived through 12 lesbian relationships over the course of 35 years before her dramatic conversion to the Catholic faith and healing from homosexuality, just five years ago.

Beck spoke with LifeSiteNews over the phone from her home in Michigan in the Detroit area about everything from the impossibility of creating a healthy gay relationship, to why lesbian relationships can never fulfill the emotional needs of women, to how she believes God looks on people struggling with homosexuality, to how the Church should approach homosexuals.

Her experience with same-sex attraction and the gay lifestyle gives her insight into what is at the heart of homosexuality and why it is fundamentally incompatible with the human person and with Christianity.

“Our Creator said that a man leaves his mother and father and comes together with his wife and the two become one flesh. God’s creative design was for men and women, not for men with men or women with women,” she said.

Beck explained further: “It’s like if one day I think my car should become a boat and I plunge it into a river thinking this is totally passible. But General Motors begs to differ. If I toss aside GM’s plan for the car and drive into the river, the car will sink and I will drown. God created us. He knows and tells us the way he made us to be. You have to put your soul in alignment with Scripture. From my experience, it is impossible to have a healthy gay relationship because it goes against the way God made us to be.”

Beck called it “cruel” for any religious leader to look favorably on homosexual relationships, saying if they only knew about the suffering, darkness, and brokenness tied to the lifestyle, they would never even consider condoning it.

“[P]eople do not see homosexuality for what it is,” she said.

“I think because I was so broken and so totally sickened by my sin that for me it was like: ‘I’m never going back there. I don’t care if Pope Francis gets in the chair and proclaims homosexual behavior is no longer a sin — which of course he can’t do — but if he did, I would be like: ‘No, I’m sorry. It is a sin.’ I don’t care who tries to tell me otherwise. I am just resolute on that.”

People who love God and neighbor need to reach out to people struggling with homosexuality with truth and love, Beck said.

“The Church needs to lovingly say to this person: ‘This is not who you are. Acting on same-sex inclinations is never going to bring you to a place where you can have a right relationship with God. In fact, if you go this way, you are heading down a destructive path. The good news is we love you, we are going to be patient with you. If you fall a thousand times, we will still be there for you.’”

Religious leaders need to start confronting homosexuality head-on, Beck said, because it’s the only way to offer any real help to people struggling in this area.

“Priests need to stop people-pleasing. They need to speak the truth in love. If people pack-up and go away, well, so be it. When their lives get broken, they’ll be back. And they’ll be back at a place that truly is a hospital, where people can find true comfort and healing.”

Beck said religious leaders need to start leading the faithful in acts of repentance for all the ways in which humanity has strayed from God’s plan for sexuality.

“We Catholics are in big trouble. It’s as if we are just taking orders from the world instead of from God. People need to get on their knees and repent. The Pope needs to call us to get on our knees and repent. The Church is supposed to be the light. We are supposed to stand fast with Truth and not compromise with the world.”
To those struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction, Beck has words of hope and consolation.

“God can heal you of the struggle,” she said. “I know it’s not a very popular message, but I know it’s true because for 35 years I was in it and now, thanks to him, I am no longer. If God can heal me, God can heal anybody.”

Reference: http://www.lifesitenews.com