Why Christians Leave The Faith

Some Christians, who in all cases had the outward marks of being true followers of Christ have decided to serve Jesus divorce papers to terminate their relationship with Him.

Due to a couple of reasons, they have abandoned the faith and converted to other religions. One of those reasons are the troubling and unanswered questions they have about the faith. More often, questions related to sexuality, alcoholism, science, suffering, and others come to doubt with little or no answers. They become convinced that Christianity does not offer truth to those who seek it and that makes the religion unrealistic and unreasonable to them. 

However, this problem can be solved if we honestly answer the questions of all who have these issues. Let’s show that Christianity offers a cohesive and compelling worldview that accounts for sexuality and other pressing issues. 

Another reason is that, they leave because their faith is not working for them and have allowed other things to take priority. One way or the other, those who leave their faith do so for the fact that their personal experience of Christianity has not matched up to their expectation. The experience that was modeled by pastors and even friends seem to be an exaggerated claim. For some, they may commit themselves to the success of their businesses and allow Christianity to take a back seat, or they pursue other more fulfilling activities other than their faith.

However we can solve this by expressing that we too, experience such moments of doubt. We need not oversell our faith, describing the Christian life as free from obstacles and difficulties. In addition to that, we can encourage believers and provide them with the platform to serve and be served, a place to belong. 

Obviously, my perspective of this topic may not be exhaustive. Probably you may have some suggestions that would help all readers. Kindly do so in the comment section and be a blessing to someone. 

Written By: Yaw Sam
Wishing You A Merry Christmas

4 thoughts on “Why Christians Leave The Faith”

  1. There are times that some believers contribute to other people leaving the faith. I say so because, it should be noted that people have different temperaments as such we are have different ways to responding to religion. But then some people claim to be the perfect example of a believer and sometimes this isn’t the best because it makes these other people feel inferior which cam easily make them drift away from God. Therefore as I learnt from Elder Kevin Amos, we must try to accept everyone as they are rather than proving to be always right.

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