MY LETTER TO CHRISTIANS – We are failing the world 


   One way or the other, everyone is affiliated to one thing because of an unprecedented event which happens to be the family or part of the world in which we are born.

One aspect of our lives that influences our character and various decisions we take in life is our religious affiliation. All religious bodies are societies of their own. They have their own culture, beliefs and norms which they live by. But the question is, do we live in those societies because we are born into them or do we make personal decisions due to our knowledge and ideologies of that society in this case; religious bodies.

I am a Christian because personally I have encountered what the Bible calls the truth, which is Jesus Christ. Other people who may be affiliated to another religions may have their own beliefs and truth but do these people who are born into these religions have an encounter with their belief or they just have to accept it because that is where they find themselves.

There is always a debate with other religions about which is appropriate or right. Definitely everyone would argue to favor where they find themselves because of their affiliation to it. My argument is that, we as Christians are failing the rest of the world who are unbelievers. This argument is based on my knowledge of and personal belief in Jesus Christ; the way, the truth, and the life.

Christians believe that Jesus is the only way, the truth, and the life. We believe that the only way a person can be saved is by accepting that Jesus Christ is the son of God.[Romans 10:9]

We believe that our mission on earth is to win souls into the kingdom of God. [Matthew 28:19-20]. But what do we find ourselves doing? It is rather unfortunate that, instead of getting close to unbelievers in order to win them to Christ through love, we draw them away with our lifestyles and even through speech.

“For God so loved the world,”-John 3:16. Yes God loved the world because the world had his creation in it. It had all of us who were sinners. [Romans 8:22] But he sacrificed his son, to get us close to him. That is the extent to which God went to save us. By showing undeserving love to us. Why then do we fail to show love towards one another, whether believers or unbelievers. Life is not all about living for ourselves but being our brothers keepers as well. We live our lives daily forgetting about those who have not heard the Good News, and ignoring the fact that we need to get them to Christ.

It is time we stop being selfish. It is time we think about the rest of the world. It is time to win souls for Christ. Gird up your loins. Show love to everyone, and let your light shine to the world. It is time to extend the love towards unbelievers. Let Love Lead. Win souls for Christ NOW!!!



This article is clearly based on personal sentiment and solely represents the ideas of an individual or a group of people only after their consent to it. 

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