W-hen the fullness of time had come, Jesus was born behind an Inn in a cave-like stable.

I-n the Inn there was no room for the Son of God, no room for the Saviour of men.

S-tar was shining so bright above the stable for the shepherds to find their way to Him.

E-ven angels proclaimed His birth to those shepherds “Unto you is born this day.”

M-anger is where Mary and Joseph first laid him. It was filled with hay.

E-very animal there must have known that their Creator had come that day.

N-o one knew the depth of love God had, to give His Son to dwell among men.

S-ame star guided three kings from the Orient, who studied the stars and heavens.

T-hese wise men from the East came saying “Where is He that is born King”

I-n their hands they brought him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrr.

L-ike these three wise men, wise men still seek him today!

L-ove is the reason that God sent His only Begotton Son into the world to save us.

S-eeking for you and me, yes God was seeking for us because we had left Him.

E-veryone, yes, all we like sheep have gone astray. Everyone to his own way.

E-ach one has to make his on decision to follow Him or not to follow Him.

K-ing, born to be a King. King of the ages. King of the past. King of the future.

H-eaven, He came from Heaven to earth to show us the right way.

I-niquity, the Lord hath laid on Him the iniquity of us all.

M-elody, He gives us a sweet melody, we sing many songs of praise to Him.

T-ree, A Christmas tree, the love that Jesus had for us, to die on a tree.

O-nly one life and how soon it passes. Only in life can we accept His Love.

D-eliverance, He came from Heaven to preach deliverance to the captives.

A-cknowlege Him and accept Him. Behold now is the accepted time.

Y-ou, Yes, this Christmas Love was for You. Will You accept this love?


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