The church has faced so many persecutions and trials throughout its existence and one that’s very popular now is being called judgemental. Many Christians are of different views and I would like to add mine. Unbelievers claim that we condemn thinking we are the only ones who are right. No one wants to look or feel bad that’s exactly how they say we make them feel. There are also Christians who say other believers judge them without first getting to understand what they go through. Those who do the judging too are also of the view that they cannot allow their loved ones perish or see fellow soldiers of the cross fall down. All sides of the argument seem right, and whenever we find ourselves in a dilemma we have to look at Jesus would do (since we have been called to be exactly like Him). (If you are an unbeliever, this may be where you stop reading but you have made it this far so try and finish).
So Jesus in one of his sermons said “Do not judge and you will not be judged; do not condemn and you will not be condemned. Pardon and you will be pardoned.” (Luke 6:37) . This makes it clear that our Lord does not want us to condemn anyone. In John 8, He shows this by His actions towards “one of the worst sinners”. A woman caught in adultery was brought to Him and He said “‘Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?’ ‘No one, sir’ she said. ‘Then neither do I condemn you’ Jesus declared. ‘Go now and leave your life of sin'”. He teaches us the right way to deal with those we judge as the worst people. We have to let them know that even though they have faults Jesus has paid for everything and then pray for the conviction of the Holy Spirit.
Now to how Jesus dealt with believers in sin. In the early parts of the Book of Revelations, Jesus addresses the seven churches. He clearly points out their faults to them and tells them to repent for He will return. We cannot watch our brethren continue in their wrongdoings, the issue is how we go about correcting them. The Bible advises that we rebuke sharply but also in love. Let us correct each other with the word of God as directed by the Spirit. Before we correct anyone too we have to pray that the person would receive it since the heart of a king is in the hands of God.
So to the unbelievers and believers who feel judged, maybe, just maybe the reason you feel judged is because deep inside you know where you stand with God and you know you have to work on that. Open your heart to the conviction of the Holy Spirit and allow yourself to be corrected. To those who are called too judgemental, even though we are called to lead others to Christ. It is only the Holy Spirit who convicts so let Him lead you.

5 thoughts on “THE RIGHT TO JUDGE”

  1. Wow that’s a very powerful and deep message there. I need to imitate Christ in the sense that I shouldn’t be judgemental. Nice piece there


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