Former lesbian on why it’s ‘cruel’ for Church leaders to go soft on same-sex relationships

Robin Teresa Beck, 59, lived through 12 lesbian relationships over the course of 35 years before her dramatic conversion to the Catholic faith and healing from homosexuality, just five years ago.

Beck spoke with LifeSiteNews over the phone from her home in Michigan in the Detroit area about everything from the impossibility of creating a healthy gay relationship, to why lesbian relationships can never fulfill the emotional needs of women, to how she believes God looks on people struggling with homosexuality, to how the Church should approach homosexuals.

Her experience with same-sex attraction and the gay lifestyle gives her insight into what is at the heart of homosexuality and why it is fundamentally incompatible with the human person and with Christianity.

“Our Creator said that a man leaves his mother and father and comes together with his wife and the two become one flesh. God’s creative design was for men and women, not for men with men or women with women,” she said.

Beck explained further: “It’s like if one day I think my car should become a boat and I plunge it into a river thinking this is totally passible. But General Motors begs to differ. If I toss aside GM’s plan for the car and drive into the river, the car will sink and I will drown. God created us. He knows and tells us the way he made us to be. You have to put your soul in alignment with Scripture. From my experience, it is impossible to have a healthy gay relationship because it goes against the way God made us to be.”

Beck called it “cruel” for any religious leader to look favorably on homosexual relationships, saying if they only knew about the suffering, darkness, and brokenness tied to the lifestyle, they would never even consider condoning it.

“[P]eople do not see homosexuality for what it is,” she said.

“I think because I was so broken and so totally sickened by my sin that for me it was like: ‘I’m never going back there. I don’t care if Pope Francis gets in the chair and proclaims homosexual behavior is no longer a sin — which of course he can’t do — but if he did, I would be like: ‘No, I’m sorry. It is a sin.’ I don’t care who tries to tell me otherwise. I am just resolute on that.”

People who love God and neighbor need to reach out to people struggling with homosexuality with truth and love, Beck said.

“The Church needs to lovingly say to this person: ‘This is not who you are. Acting on same-sex inclinations is never going to bring you to a place where you can have a right relationship with God. In fact, if you go this way, you are heading down a destructive path. The good news is we love you, we are going to be patient with you. If you fall a thousand times, we will still be there for you.’”

Religious leaders need to start confronting homosexuality head-on, Beck said, because it’s the only way to offer any real help to people struggling in this area.

“Priests need to stop people-pleasing. They need to speak the truth in love. If people pack-up and go away, well, so be it. When their lives get broken, they’ll be back. And they’ll be back at a place that truly is a hospital, where people can find true comfort and healing.”

Beck said religious leaders need to start leading the faithful in acts of repentance for all the ways in which humanity has strayed from God’s plan for sexuality.

“We Catholics are in big trouble. It’s as if we are just taking orders from the world instead of from God. People need to get on their knees and repent. The Pope needs to call us to get on our knees and repent. The Church is supposed to be the light. We are supposed to stand fast with Truth and not compromise with the world.”
To those struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction, Beck has words of hope and consolation.

“God can heal you of the struggle,” she said. “I know it’s not a very popular message, but I know it’s true because for 35 years I was in it and now, thanks to him, I am no longer. If God can heal me, God can heal anybody.”




Relationships and sex talks are readily discarded by leaders and even parents. This makes young people seek information else where and does not normally end well.

“…and through Him all things were made.” I believe that the Bible contains information on every subject or issue and yes that includes relationship issues. The Bible is not outdated on this topic as some claim. Almost every Christian will quickly point to “songs of Solomon” when it comes to these things but other scriptures contain knowledge on it.

This article is to answer questions bothering the youth concerning dating and sex from the Christian point of view.
The question every young person asks is”when can I date?

In Genesis 29, Jacob worked for fourteen years to have Rachel. Theologians also believe Mary was not yet twenty years when she began courtship with Joseph. The time to start dating and its duration depends on the individual, BUT Christians are to date with the sole aim of marriage. The key thing is purity, so for someone who wants to marry at thirty and starts dating at eighteen he or she is stay pure for twelve years.

In these times it is increasingly difficult to stay pure while dating (and to think of doing that for fourteen years).  Most counsellors recommend two years as the maximum duration of courtship.
Another question boggling the minds of a lot of people is the extent in dating or how far one can go with the partner when dating. Most young people are of the notion that as long as there is no penetration, it is not sinful.

Again, let’s take Mary as an example; if she had done everything with Joseph except penetration before marriage, no one would have believed the virgin birth of Jesus. Jesus also said that even if you look lustfully at a woman you have committed adultery in your heart. One leader in the church said “you should be able to do all you do with your partner in front of the church” (scary right?). Abstinence from all sexually related activities is key in ensuring a successful marriage.
Some argue that since God is the one who placed those hormones in us, He expects us to act on them have sex at will. The difference between you the Christian and an unbeliever is the Holy Spirit. He helps us overcome the desires  of the flesh. You being eighteen does not mean you can drive, you first need to be taught and given the license for that. Comparing it to the issue of sex, you having sexual desires does not mean act on them.

This piece cannot be complete without touching on same sex interactions(homosexuality)  and the issue of pornography. The Bible is clear on its stance, God is totally against them. It is quite sad to realise the number of Christians in such addictions. There are so many suggestions on how to break from those addictions. Only Jesus has the power to truly save from those habits, look to Him for strength.
No man can say he has never had the urge to have sexual interactions, we all have those desires. God’s word never changes no matter how “enlightened” the world becomes and He has told us to flee from sexual sins. The Christian walk is not easy especially when it comes to such issues but the Holy Spirit gives us the strength to overcome.
God bless you for reading and sharing.

Written by Samuel Adu Amaniampong, sAmInSpiReSbLoG team member.



In this life there are two things involved: Its either you are DEAD OR ALIVE.

If you are DEAD, you are safe from all the hardships that life presents,

But if you are ALIVE, you have a chance to make the world a better place.

For some people, being DEAD is a chance to rest after fulfillment of purpose,

But to others, it is a fearful state in which they never wish to find themselves.

The irony is that; it is appointed unto man to die once.

Being ALIVE comes with its joy and sadness.

The joy to make impact and live a good life, or its appearance as hell on earth.

In Christ there are two categories of people; THE DEAD & THE ALIVE.

Those who are DEAD go about their normal duties in life,

Thinking doing good alone would get them to Heaven. That’s Deception.

Those who are ALIVE go about their normal activities,

But then, they put God first in whatever they do and have a constant relationship with HIM.

Those who in Christ enjoy some benefits that are completely unavailable to those who are not.

Being ALIVE comes with fulfillment of purpose that brings joy.

Being DEAD comes with shear satisfaction of present state.

In the book of Revelations, the Sardis church had a reputation of being ALIVE but were DEAD.

That is Pretence and Deception.

Therefore, become watchful and strengthen the things remaining that were ready to die.

The choice remains an individual decision because of free will, to be DEAD OR ALIVE.

But the best choice forever remains being ALIVE.

It gives you a chance to live right for Christ and fulfill HIS purpose for your life.




Written by Yaw Sam.




Many people tend to think of today’s youth as the leaders of tomorrow but scripture never places us in such a category.

It never instructs us to wait until we are more mature or knowledgeable or skilled before we begin to take God’s word seriously and consider what plans and purposes the Lord has for our lives.

According to God’s Word, we are to be leaders even today, who earnestly desire to honor and serve our Lord in all our thoughts and actions.

Paul told Timothy, a younger man in the faith, “Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity. 1 Timothy 4:12

God specifically commands us, as young people, to be leaders- to lead by example.

We are to understand God’s instructions to us and let the world watch us grow in our walk with the Lord.

As a young person myself, I am burdened for the church in the days ahead, and I am burdened for today’s youth who must not only strive to live exemplary lives right now, but who would one day attempt to serve as faithful leaders within the body of Christ, the Church.

I am burdened because it is not getting any easier to live in this world. I am burdened because young Christians today often fail to understand that God desires to have a close, intimate relationship with them right now, relationship that only comes about when we obey the scriptures.

Many of our peers are following the steps of others and copying their unscriptural attitudes and philosophies of ministry.

Maybe we feel as though we should worship and unite with others even though they do not agree with us concerning what the bible teaches. Maybe we feel as though we should join a “cooler”, or more alive church.

Maybe we feel like we should live, act, talk, and dress like the world in other to be recognized by the world. Maybe we feel as if our outward actions do not really matter to God as long as we are sincere and our motives are pure.

First we all must realize that the ideas and philosophies of the world are completely opposed to God’s will and plan for us.

The world tells us to live it up as young people while we can. Pause. Notice what the wisest man who ever lived wrote by inspiration of the HOLY SPIRIT in Ecclesiastes 12:1.

“Remember now thy creator in the days of thy youth”.

Notice that Solomon did not say, “Live it up while you are young and later on you would have the opportunity to serve and glorify God”. NO, He said exactly the opposite.

He tells young people, “Now is the time to focus on your relationship with God, the creator of all things. We’ve got to serve God well and live a life that is worthy of a true servant.

We need to be examples to others in our; SPEECH (Psalm 19:14), CONDUCT (Ephesians 4:22-30) & CHARITY (Matthew 5:16).




Written by Justice Annobil of sAm InSpiReS bLoG Team



1 Timothy 6: 10

“For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. Some people eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs”

The misinterpretation of this scripture has caused a lot of Christians to wallow in poverty. The scripture clearly states that the LOVE of money is the root of all kinds of evil and NOT money is the root of all evil. Therefore, it is our perception of money and the way we handle it that can make it good or bad. It is unfortunate that we have accepted this scripture with much prejudice that most of us have tended to ignore the good side of money.

One obstacle of achieving financial success is the belief that all people who are rich are evil. Some believe that, the poorer you are, the holier you are and the richer you are, the more evil you are. It is absolutely wrong to criticize or condemn those who have been able to financially achieve success because of their literacy in that field.

Don’t be deceived, God wants us to be rich.

Deuteronomy 8:18

“But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is He that giveth thee power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore unto thy fathers, as it is this day”.

From this scripture, it is clear that God has given His children the ability and power to produce wealth. If riches were bad, why would God give His children the ability to produce wealth?

A few scriptures below should renew our thinking about money.

Ecclesiastes 10:19

“A feast is made for laughter and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things”.

Matthew 25:27

“Thou oughest therefore to have put my money to the exchangers and then at my coming I should have received my own with usury”.

Proverbs 22:7

“The rich ruleth over the poor and the borrower is servant to the lender”.


NB: The ultimate purpose of money is to help people and the kingdom of God.

From the scriptures we have come to the realization that God wants us to produce wealth and be very profitable. This can only be done with having knowledge concerning that field.

“A person may be highly educated, professionally successful and financially illiterate”.

-Robert Kiyosaki

Always remember that the most powerful asset you have is your mind. There are really no limits to what you can accomplish in life unless for the limits you place on yourself through the lack of belief in yourself and your way of thinking.


Invest in your mind and gain knowledge in financial independence. Buy books that talk about financial freedom and take a decision to be rich.


May God guide you as you take a decision to be rich and to support the kingdom business.






Reference/ Recommended book: Master Your Personal Finance- A starters guide to becoming RICH. By PAUL KOFI MANTE


Contact sAmInSpiReSbLoG for copies:  0279790203

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